Surprising twist


The introduction screen for “Sherlock” appears. The show is now in its fourth season.

Kylie Thomsen

On Sunday, Jan.1, season four of the television show “Sherlock” returned. Fans have waited in anticipation for three years since the last season, but only one year after “The Abominable Bride”, the one episode special. After the long wait, fans were expecting a big and wonderful return. They were not disappointed and were kept on the edge of their seats.

The season started off big when fans witnessed the death of Mary Watson in the first episode. This death was shocking because fans were expecting her to be a part of the series for a little while longer. Her death brought fans to tears and left them with a sense of dread for what the rest of the season would bring.

If the fans thought that the first episode was shocking, they were in for a treat with the second episode.Fans were shocked by the writers when in the second episode, a plot twist was born. Nobody was expecting the reveal of Sherlock’s secret sister, Eurus Holmes.

The writers made a great show into an even greater one with bringing a darker and more twisted story line into play. The new aspect brought to the show really added to its overall appeal.