New changes for the new season


The LGI room was packed with potential track and field members. The meeting was held on Jan. 18.

Morgyn McAllister

Both the girls and boys track team met up in the LGI for the mandatory track and field call out meeting after school on Wednesday, Jan. 18.

“The meeting went really well, and I thought that it was exciting to see all the people that are coming out this year for track,” Kelly Joy (12) said.

New and old members listened to Coach Jeffrey Rhody, Science, talk about the upcoming season. Rhody has taken on coaching the girls track and field team to coach in addition to the boys team.

“[The coaching change] is going to be hard at first but I think, overall, it won’t really affect us too much because all the girls that do track are focused on competing and we all like to go to meets, so the coaching doesn’t matter that much,” Joy said.

Another change happening to the track and field team this year is the enforcement of a new dress code.

“The thing that really got me was the new dress code because we can’t wear tights, short-shorts, or take our shirts off which isn’t that bad right now, but when we get more into the warmer months, it’s going to be terrible to not be allowed to take our shirts off to stay cool,” Carter Goldman (10) said.

Despite all new changes, some still excited to kick off the new track and field season this year.

“It’s going to be really different this year compared to last year, but I think everyone’s really excited for this season to start,” Joy said.

Written by: Molly Fischer (10) and Morgyn McAllister (11)