Feeling the pep


Mr. Andrew Gurnak, Physical Education, runs down the basketball court. Gurnak played in the basketball game between students and staff members.

Kylie Thomsen

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, the winter pep rally was held during Pathways to Excellence. The pep rally was held to honor the winter sports teams. It also featured a game between members of the Westlake basketball team.

“I really liked that they honored the Westlake [basketball team] because they don’t get a lot of attention at Lake Central, so having them [be a] part of the pep rally made it a little bit [more] special,” Claire Urchell (11) said.

After the Westlake team played, the hosts of the pep rally then announced that the students would be participating in a karaoke competition where the grades faced off against each other. It featured songs like “Party in the USA” and “YMCA.”

“I thought that the [karaoke competition] was interesting, but it could have been done in a better way,” Amy Denton (11) said.

There was then a basketball game held where the students faced off against the staff members.  The students won the game with a score of 15-12.

“I think it was really interesting. That was my favorite part of the [pep rally] because I got to see the students and the teachers interact with each other,” Urchell said.