Q&A: Doug Devries (12)


Doug Devries (12) gets ready to pole vault at the track meet. Devries has been pole vaulting since his junior year.

Austin Sandoval

Q: What is pole vaulting?

A: Pole vaulting is the event in track and field where you take a fiberglass pole, usually longer than 10 feet and you set a plant into a box and you try to flip your body over the crossbar.

Q: How long have you been pole vaulting?

A: I’ve been doing it for just one year now.

Q: How did you first get into pole vaulting?

A: I first got into pole vaulting actually when my tennis coach told me that I should go out for the team. I was a relatively athletic guy during the tennis season, and I wanted to carry on something and have a little bit of fun in the off season.

Q: What do you like about pole vaulting?

A: I love everything about pole vaulting, from the workouts to getting over the crossbar to the comradery I have with my teammates. It never gets old.

Q: What’s one thing you dislike about pole vaulting?

A: Definitely the soreness that comes with conditioning afterwards.

Q: When do you start conditioning for the season?

A: Personally, conditioning starts right after tennis season starts, so around late October, early November.

Q: What are your plans for this season?

A: My plans this season are to qualify for indoor state at Purdue University West Lafayette and hopefully by the end of the season hit 13 feet and go to outdoor state which is at IU Bloomington.