Sara Erwin (12) motions for her teammate to swim faster during the 500-meter event. This was Erwin’s final Sectional event and as captain of the team, Erwin held new responsibilities. Photo by: Jennifer Chavarria

Ruth Chen

Q: As a senior, how was it preparing for your last Sectionals?

A: It was pretty much the same as past years, but there was a little more pressure because it is my last year swimming. As captain, I was trying to lead everybody and be an example and show hard work.

Q: What were your feelings going into Sectionals?

A: I was really excited to see what everybody could do. There was a lot of happiness. [It was] a little sad because it was bittersweet [with it being my last year], but it was mostly excitement.

Q: What has been your role on the team this season?

A: I definitely think there was a lot more of ‘I have to start things early,’ like I have to get into the water fast, don’t delay. It can get hard with all the morning practices, so I had to help keep the morale up as well as helping [Coaches] Abby and [Coach Todd Smolinski, Social Studies], do stuff.

Q: Reflecting on Sectionals, what are your thoughts about it?

A: I think it went really well. It was a little uncertain how it was going to be because it was at Crown Point, which isn’t a pool that we are used to, but everyone swam really, really well, and I am really proud of everyone and how they swam.

Q: How do you think you contributed to it as a senior?

A: I helped out a lot by getting the points that I needed to and on the relays and helping Abby and Smo get through stuff and take the team places.

Q: What are you looking forward to in the future?

A: I’m not really sure if I’m going to swim on a college team yet, but I definitely plan on swimming for a club or team. I don’t plan on stopping swimming; I love it.