Nailed it


Blake Nagy (11) holds up his coat rack that he made. The coat rack took him about 15 minutes to make. Photo submitted by Blake Nagy

Kristen Mirabelli

Like some high school students, Blake Nagy (11) spends his time on homework or working. When Nagy has free time, he enjoys working at his woodworking business.

“I started taking a passion in woodworking when I made my Eagle Scout Rank. I realized how exciting building was and started taking interest in making projects,” Nagy said.

Nagy has been a Boy Scout for 10 years. Boy Scouts has introduced him to many crafty and hands-on projects. He recently realized his passion for woodworking when he made an enclosed structure for the American Legion.

“When I made the enclosed structure for the American Legion, I felt a sense of leadership and pride thinking to myself that my ideas came to life with the help of my fellow scouts. Woodworking allows my ideas to come to life, and also my creativity level becomes more complex,” Nagy said.

After finishing the project at the American Legion, Nagy decided to start his own business and take on small projects. He creates rustic and vintage pieces such as shelves, racks and hold household items.

“One thing you need to know about woodworking is that you always have to be optimistic and know that whatever you make will come out to what you envision and don’t be afraid to take a chance,” Nagy said.

Nagy continues to make projects for customers and sell them. He wishes to further his passion for woodworking by taking on bigger projects and pursuing his career.