Boys Varsity defeats East Chicago


Graziano passes the ball. The boys faced East Chicago for a Sectional game.

Courtney Rhomberg

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, the varsity boys basketball team defeated East Chicago with a final score of 68-66. The boys had the incentive of winning to follow up on the girls varsity team win last week.

“Our defense was amazing. We got rebounds, and we shot the ball well,” Keon Sellers (11) said.

The boys held the lead the entire game and felt proud they had defeated East Chicago.

“I felt like the game went well because we won. As a team, we felt really good about beating a really good team,” Norelle Smith (12) said.

Because of the tough competition, the boys fought their hardest to win against this team in their Sectional line up.

“A highlight of the game was out defense and throughout the whole game stopping number 25, the main player on their team,” Sellers said.

Even though the season is coming to an end, the boys are still looking for improvements.

“I could really improve on my consistency in scoring,” Justin Graziano (11) said.