History Club pictures Palestine


Jawad Nammari (11) shows a picture from his time in Palestine and Israel. Nammari signed up to show his presentation during History Club.

Molly Fischer

History Club met on Friday, Feb. 10, after school in Mr. Tom Clark’s, Social Studies, room because of technical difficulties in the LGI, the usual meeting place for the club.

“The meeting was really good. It started off rocky, but it was still enjoyable in the end,” Madeline Spoerner (10) said.

Jawad Nammari (11) presented a powerpoint of pictures he took during his travels in Palestine and Israel. He talked on the cultural differences and the history behind the cities.

“I’m very happy on how the meeting went. It’s great to see people coming and getting inspired by history and to talk about history they’ve experienced and share it with the rest of us,” William Morris (12) said.

History Club is open to any student to join, and it touches upon history that is not seen in history class.

“I’m apart of History Club because I really enjoy history, and we don’t get to see a lot of interesting stuff from a lot of different time periods as in depth as we see in History Club. It’s nice to learn extra information,” Spoerner said.

History Club meets every Friday after school and members are invited to sign up and present anything they want involving history.

“Since we started, the club has grown a lot more interactive. Before it seemed only to focus on the Veteran’s Day assembly. Since then, it’s evolved and we’ve gotten a lot more members,” William Morris (12) said.