Gathering for a head start in college credit


Mr. Marty Freeman, Assistant Principal, explains the Core Transfer Library to those attending the meeting. More information was offered in the information packets.

Elena Gorney

Parents wanting to receive information about Dual Credit classes gathered in the LGI Room at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 13.

“Basically, what we discussed is an overview of Dual Credit, the cost savings parents can receive, the Core Transfer Library, the requirements for the universities to get into Dual Credit and the opting out process,” Mr. Marty Freeman, Assistant Principal, said.

Mr. Freeman, Mrs. Melissa Rettig, Director of Guidance, and a board of people from colleges that offer Dual Credit courses were at the meeting to answer any questions parents had about Dual Credit classes. They explained how Dual Credit classes work and offered advice about why parents may want their kids to earn college credit in high school.

“Take advantage of what we have to offer here because a student is going to have a better opportunity and a higher success rate here amongst us in a small classroom than they’re going to at a university. If you can get a credit for [a] university [and] get a first taste of the university in the comforts of home, why not do it?” Mr. Freeman said.

An information packet was offered to parents attending the meeting. It included information about Indiana’s Core Transfer Library, which allows students to transfer college credits among all Indiana public college and university campuses, assuming the students have adequate grades. Students or parents wishing for more information on Dual Credit classes can contact Mr. Freeman or Mrs. Rettig.