Players Swing Away in LC Hitting Camp


The kids all hit while LC players who help throw to them. This was the first of three camps, two camps remaining, on Feb. 18, and Feb. 25.

Jacob Ranola

The baseball team held a hitting camp on Saturday, Feb. 11, and it was the first of three camps that will be held by the team.

Coach Mike Swartzentruber, Business, was pleased with the 29 kids he saw hitting, who will be the future of Lake Central baseball.

“Of course I wish there were more kids, but I was happy overall. The players that helped did a great job helping the kids hit,” Swartzentruber said.

Martin Ewing (11) was one of the players who helped out.

“It’s more enjoyable for us the helpers and the kids hitting than it is a hassle. I had fun helping everyone out and promoting the program,” Ewing said.

Both Coach Swartzentruber and Ewing liked what the kids brought.

“There is definitely talent and potential from what I saw during the camp today,” Ewing said.

Coach Swartzentruber found it a little harder to talk to the seventh and eighth graders who attended the camp.

“The attention span wasn’t completely there, but I feel like they got the message I was telling them,” Swartzentruber said.

The next two Saturdays will fill up the rest of the hitting camp schedule for young kids who want a future in the LC baseball program, having second and third graders hit on February 18th and fourth and fifth graders hitting on February 25th.