Fair Haven representatives inform senior girls on teen issues


Victim Advocate Nyohmi Buzo explains the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Other topics were consent, technology and social media and rape culture.

Cami Wallace, Author

During PtE, senior girls were invited to learn about unhealthy vs. healthy relationships, consent, social media and rape culture.

Emily Imrich from the Fair Haven Center for women reached out to Mr. Al Gandolfi, Assistant Superintendent, about coming to the school to present these topics. Mr. Gandolfi and Mrs. Melissa Rettig, Director of Guidance, agreed that it would “be a good program for the students.”

“These are senior students that are getting ready to go away and have a lot more freedoms. [It is important for the students] to be aware of the rape culture or what sexual assault is,” Mrs. Rettig said.

With the presentation on Wednesday only offered to girls, some students were unsure why it was decided to be separated by gender.

“I feel like it’d be good to have [both genders] together because it’s something we deal with together in society. It’s something we should be talking about together,” Kristen Hecht (12) said.

Imrich reminded the audience that even though the boys were not there, the topic is still just as important to them.

“[Rape culture] is not a girl issue. This is an everybody issue,” Imrich said.

Although some believe only the girls would receive the demonstration, Mrs. Rettig reassured that is not the case.

“We are also meeting with the male senior students because they need to be aware of this issue as well,” Mrs. Rettig said.