Matching up against Marquette


Norell Smith (12) passes the ball to his teammate. The boys tied up the game and eventually got ahead.

Dana Brownewell, Author

The boys varsity basketball team took on Marquette on February 1st, Tuesday night. The boys took the lead early, ending the first quarter 21-14.

“Last night was great. It was senior night, so it was something different and fun,” Justin Graciano (11) said.

The hype of Senior Night added onto the boy’s’ strong mentality. With the support of the student section and their families, they kept their winning streak going.

“If I could improve on one thing it would be defense because sometimes I take breaks when I shouldn’t,” Graciano (11) said.

Tied with Marquette five minutes into the fourth quarter, the opponents took the lead. However, Joseph Graziano (12) tied the game up once again.

“One thing we could improve on is talking on defense because you need to get stops to win games,” Norell Smith (12) said.

The boys finished the game 68-65 and once again proved that they are highly skilled.