Q&A: Lily Zubeck (9)


Zubeck crosses the finish line at the State meet. She has been running for five years and plans on continuing to run throughout the rest of her high school career. Photo by: Camryn Wallace (12)

Mikaela Paniagua

Q: As a freshman, how did it feel going into cross country and being on the varsity team?

A: I was a bit nervous because I saw the talent of the other girls, and I didn’t know if I was able to keep up with them, but as the season went on it became less and less nerve-wracking because I have a great team supporting me.

Q: What was it like going to sectionals, regionals, and state,?

A: When going into post-season, I was nervous, but I felt comfortable with my running from the season, so I knew that I had to trust myself. When going onto Semi-State, I was really nervous because I knew that this determined if we went to state or not so that was a lot of pressure. Running at State was one of the scariest races that I had run because I was running with the best teams in the State, and I was part of one. I was really going into it blindly, not knowing what it was like to race at State. There is no other meet to describe it.

Q: How long have you been running in general and why do you run?

A: I have been running since fifth grade. I really don’t know why I run. I guess I just love it, and the way I feel when I am running. It is a really love-hate relationship though.

Q: What are your feelings on the upcoming season?

A: I am sad that we have so many good runners leaving this upcoming season, but I am still super excited to see how each season will turn out and how I will perform.

Q: How did you prepare yourself for high school cross country, especially since it is so different from middle school? What was the hardest distance for you to run, and what factors contributed to making it more difficult than others?

A: When transitioning from middle school cross country to high school cross country, I just took it one day at a time. With the distance, it was easier because we worked our mileage up and didn’t start off super hard, which really made it easier on me.

Q: What were practices like for you? How did you help yourself meet the achievement of making varsity?

A: Practices were hard, but they were always fun because I was with the team. I think the biggest thing I did to help myself was staying focused on what I wanted and just working as hard as I could for it.