Teaching future Indians


A player throws the ball for the students to hit. The camp lasted two hours.

Amber Murray

Baseballs scattered the fieldhouse floor as members of the high school baseball team helped young players on Saturday, Feb. 18. The team improved the elementary students’ swings and posture. They also gave advice on how to be a better player.

“[The team and I are] basically trying the build the program at the younger ages and try to build that type of community up through the high school level. We feel like weeks like today and weeks like next week with second and third grade [will]  start to get the kids feeling like they’re involved in the program and continue to build it up,” Mr. Jay Jones, Assistant Coach, said.

For some of the players, helping out at the camp meant more to them since they attended the camp when they were younger.

“[Teaching the younger kids] feels pretty good because when I was younger I did this camp and now I’m carrying on what I learned from it,” Matthew Fundich (10) said.

Jones felt like the boys had much to offer to the younger players and hope the next camps are also a success.

“The [team] is doing a great job. I feel their willingness to be coached while we’re working out at the high school practices. Now they’re seeing the other end as coaches, and they’re coaching the younger guys. They’re passing that concept of coachability,” Jones said.