Review on “A Dog’s Purpose”


Ethan (Dennis Quaid) looks into Ellie’s eyes. This was the point when Ethan knew Ellie wasn’t just another dog, she was Bailey.

Paityn Emro, Author

Film Director Lasse Hallström and Producer Gavin Polone knew how to get to people’s soft side when they created the tear jerker “A Dog’s Purpose.” The movie released on Jan. 27 and brought many dog lovers to theaters to experience a dog’s purpose.

Loyal dog (Josh Gad) figures out the meaning of being alive through the lives of humans who teach him to love and find happiness. Reincarnated as multiple dogs throughout five decades, the adorable pooch finds a loyal companion named Ethan (Bryce Gheisar).  As Ethan grows older he runs into a major problem and the dog comes back into his life to remind him of what’s really important.

I recommend this movie to people of all ages. The audience is left with an emotional attachment to the movie.

Overall the tragic drama has grossed $77 million worldwide guaranteeing no dry eyes in the audience.