Q&A: Veronica Gonzalez (9)


Veronica Gonzalez (9) poses with her Doodle for Google project. Gonzalez represented the state of Indiana in the contest.

Brianna Sarkisian

Q: How did you get involved in the Doodle for Google contest?

A: [I got involved because of] my Intro to 2D art class.

Q: What was your inspiration for your doodle?

A: I’m just so intrigued about the universe since it’s a mystery and so immense.

Q: Was it hard to come up with a design?

A: At the beginning I was kind of stuck and not really motivated since I saw the past winners of the contest and felt discouraged. There were so many endless possibilities for the future so it was hard to think of what to base my doodle on.

Q: How did you overcome your uncertainty for your doodle?

A: I started listening to music and dedicating some time to thinking of the future and drawing. I eventually started getting more and more ideas and got motivated.

Q: How long did you have to create your doodle?

A:  In the beginning I had a completely different idea, [but I had] a week. It took me about three days [to make my doodle].

Q: How does it feel to be representing Indiana in the Doodle for Google contest?

A: I’m so honored and grateful. It’s just unbelievable.