High hopes, high scores


Isaac Beatty (10) uses his power to pass the ball to a teammate across the court. He passed the ball and they scored a 3-pointer.

Madison Sandoval

The JV  boys basketball team took on Marquette on Feb. 1. The boys played a strong game and defeated Marquette with a score of 72-36.

“Honestly, I thought we were scoring pretty easily throughout the game, our offense was on fire, we were hitting our shots, so I don’t think we could have done much to improve our score,” Derek Szymczak (10) said.

The score was very close throughout the second quarter but the boys pulled through and got a big lead of 33-17.

“Well as a team we did end up scoring around 70 points, so we had a very good offensive game that night. Our guards passed it very well to the post and the post did a great job finishing. Also our guards shot the ball well that game it was a good win as a team,” Domanic Ciapponi (10) said.

The boys finished the game strong with a score of 70-36. They prepared to watch the seniors play their last game in their home gym.

“I’ve grown close with the seniors this year, especially Nick Bandura (12), it was cool to watch them be honored for the achievements, and what they’ve done for this school. Honestly I’ll miss messing around with them the most,” Szymczak (10) said.