Q&A: Jordan Lykowski (12)


Jordan Lykowski (12) plans to attend Purdue University in the fall of 2017. Lykowski was an Evans Scholar.

Taylor Lykowski

Q: What is the Chick Evans Scholarship?

A: The chick Evans scholarship is a four year scholarship for caddies.

Q: What is a Caddie?

A: A person that carries a golfer’s clubs and finds their ball.

Q: Who is Chick Evans?

A: Chick Evans was an armature golfer who won many tournaments and donated his winning to caddies so that they could attend college.

Q: What did you need to acquire this scholarship?

A: I needed to caddie a certain amount of loops, then I had to apply and go through several interviews.

Q: What schools could you go to with the Chick Evans Scholarship?

A: Purdue, IU or Notre Dame.

Q: What school are you going to? Why?

A: Purdue because I believe it is a better school for me from an education standpoint.

Q: What does this scholarship mean to you and your family?

A: A sense of financial security.

Q: How did you get this scholarship?

A: I worked hard for four years at Briar Ridge Country Club and applied for it.

Q: What does the scholarship include?

A: Just about the whole cost of going to college.

Q:What do you play to study in college? Why?

A: I plan to study supply chain management.

Q: How hard was it to get the Scholarship?

A: It was very hard. It took lots of hard work, time and effort.