Leaping to Nationals


The varsity Centralettes get ready to perform their hip-hop routine at the Lake Central Dance Invitational. The team competed at the national competition.

Bianca Matchain, Author

The varsity Centralettes is heading to Florida Mar. 3 to compete in the National Dance Alliance Championship.

The varsity girls have won this competition 11 years in a row and hope to bring home another trophy.  

“There’s a lot of weight on our backs with winning, but we stay pretty confident. We just have to remember that we aren’t just working hard for us, but for every alumni before us,” said Corinne Blastick (11) said.

The team has spent countless hours in the studio including practice after school and on the weekends. The Centralettes have won many competitions with their jazz and hip-hop routines.

“I’m most excited about making the memories. This is my first Nationals and I’m excited to have some fun with all the girls while making out work worth it out on the stage,” said Corinne Blastick (11).

There is plenty of pressure to keep the winning streak going and hold up the Lake Central name. The teams will be judged on technique, choreography and difficulty.

“There’s nothing really specific I’m worried about, I guess just getting out there and doing the best we can as a team. It’s nerve wracking when you’re dancing in front of hundreds of people, but it’s all about keeping a calm and collected head,” said Corinne Blastick (11).