Q&A: Jared McIntire (10)


Jared McIntire (10) checks his YouTube account. He has been producing and releasing original content on the social media platform.

Nadja Kostadinovic, Author

Q: Why did you start making YouTube videos, and how did you begin?

A: I saw many Youtubers that inspired me to make videos. Originally, I started making videos where I would just talk and record myself with my iPod Touch in my basement. Making YouTube videos for me was always a way to display my opinions and maybe start discussion with viewers.

Q: When did you start out?

A: The first video I ever posted was in fifth grade. I had a small channel where I would post some music covers or videos of me playing video games, but I deleted them because people that I knew found the channel and started to joke about it.

Q: What sort of content do you produce now?

A: Today my content varies. Sometimes I will make spooly conspiracy videos or some comedy-based videos, but I really want to add more content of all the automotive work that I do, as well as some nature and animal videos.

Q: What is the feedback you receive on your videos like?

A: On my conspiracy videos, lots of people disagree with me and they often are very critical of my content or say rude things, but sometimes, there are positive people who encourage me.

Q: How do you produce your videos?

A: I use my computer and [Windows] Movie Maker. A lot of the time I use a screen recorder to take clips from other videos to add to the effect of my content. Also, I’m working on creating my own scary background music, but now I use another YouTuber’s music. Also, I do not use my real voice, I use an automated voice software where I can create my scripts.

Q: Is privacy and anonymity within your videos important to you?

A: I share my videos with very few people. I don’t use my real voice, I don’t have any pictures of myself. If I have to, I’ll use the metric system so people don’t assume that I’m American.

Q: Do you profit off of your videos the way some Youtubers do?

A: I made 25 cents so far in total.

Q: What are your overall goals for your channel?

A: My ultimate goal is for people to enjoy my content and realize that it is not 100 percent serious, but I simply enjoy creating these hypothetical situations to entertain.