Q&A: Meghan Long (10)


Meghan Long (10) focuses on her school work and tries to get it all accomplished to eliminate having to do a lot of it at home. Meghan had to attend track practice after school so she would not have very much time to complete it later in the evening.

Jocelyn Vanek

Q: What sports are you involved in at LC?

A: I run track and play basketball.

Q: What basketball team are you on?
A: I am on JV ,and I [get] dressed [for the] varsity [game and watch].

Q: What is it like getting to basically be a part of the varsity team?

A: It’s a really cool experience and I get to learn a lot.

Q: What events are you in for track?

A: I run the 400 4×4 ,and I do long jump.

Q: What’s it like trying to balance the sports you’re involved in and school work?

A: Some days aren’t bad with homework, but other days if I have a lot it’s hard to manage especially with track now. We get out so late it’s hard to plan things out.

Q: What time do you end up going to bed on a night when you have a sport and schoolwork?

A: Latest I’ve gone to bed before with schoolwork is 1 a.m. ,but other days it’s
11:30 p.m.

Q: Do you plan on doing multiple sports for the rest of your two years in high school?

A: I plan on sticking with two sports unless I decide fully what I want to focus for college.

Q: Do you get the chance to bond and become friends with upperclassman on the teams?

A: Last year I bonded with a bunch of upperclassmen in track. My best friend was a senior.  [In] basketball I bonded with most of the girls when we stayed in hotels for tournaments and at pasta parties. You definitely get the chance to bond, and I love it.

Q: Are you in what you consider any hard classes this year or plan to take them in years to come?

A: I am planning on taking my harder classes junior and senior year.  

Q: Do you want to do sports in college?

A: I want to play basketball in college, but track I’m not fully decided if I want to or not.