Q&A: Mr. Elliott Smith, Music


Mr. Elliott Smith, Music, conducts the class. This was Mr. Smith’s first year at Lake Central.

Julia Casner, Author

Q: How long have you been a teacher?

A: I have been teaching since 2006.

Q: Why did you want to become a band director?

A: I knew from a very early age that this is what I wanted to do with my life. I was very fortunate to have some truly excellent band directors growing up who definitely influenced me. I also just enjoy music and making music so much that I cannot see myself doing anything else.

Q: How is your first year at Lake Central?

A: It’s been fantastic. A lot of people ask me if I regret leaving my old job to come here, and the truth is not even a little. Of course I miss the people I used to work with, but the work I’ve gotten to do here has been the most fulfilling since I began teaching roughly 10 years ago.

Q: Do you play any instruments?

A: I do play a few instruments. My main instrument growing up and in college was the trumpet. I still play fairly regularly, but I also enjoying playing the guitar and drums.

Q: How many groups do you teach?

A: I teach five groups: Symphonic Band, Concert Band, two Jazz Ensembles and the Marching Band. Along with these groups I also teach Music Theory and Music History.

Q: Is it hard to teach different groups?

A: Each group has different challenges, but the main goal for all groups is to make great music and I go about that basically the same with every group.

Q: What is your favorite group to teach and why?

A: There are certain things about every group that I teach that enjoy so much. However, if I had to chose I would say the jazz groups. I have loved jazz music since I can remember, so it’s just a lot of fun to get to share that love of this American treasure with the groups here.