Q&A: Andrew VanMilligan (11)


Andrew Vanmilligan (11) pitches in a varsity game last summer. He pitched only one varsity game last year because of his hurt arm.

Jacob Ranola

Q: When did you first find out you needed Tommy John Surgery for the first time?

A: Around September of 2014, eighth grade year.

Q: What were the symptoms you felt when you thought you might have needed Tommy John?

A: My hand was going numb. I was in agony from the pain, and I couldn’t do everyday things like pick up things.

Q: How long after you started feeling symptoms did you find out you needed surgery?
A: 5 months.

Q: How long couldn’t you do any baseball related activity after surgery?
A: Around eight months.

Q: Did you make the LC Baseball team last year?
A: Yes, I pitched for varsity towards the end of the season.

Q: How did it feel to pitch again?

A: It was crazy. I never thought I was going to play baseball again. I can’t describe how awesome it was.

Q: When did you arm start hurting for the second time.

A: Beginning of January 2017.

Q: Did you know you needed Tommy John right away?

A: Yes, I remembered the pain, and I knew I screwed up.

Q:What things would you have changed that could’ve prevented another surgery?
A: I probably would’ve stretched more or done more yoga, but nothing else different.  My arm just gave out playing regular catch.

Q: Did you go in for a professional opinion on getting your second surgery?
A: Yes, I went to the University of Chicago and the doctor said I failed the velgis test, which is when they bend your arm different ways to see if you had pain, and I had lots of pain.

Q: What is it like knowing you’ll never play baseball again?

A: It is super weird knowing that your entire life was revolving around baseball, and now there is no baseball. It hurts me seeing others play and remember that I was out there doing what they were doing, if not better. All I can say is I really miss it.