Q&A: Reyna Pietrzak (10)


Reyna Pietrzak (10) has been in Winterguard for two years. The other members and herself practice daily.

Amber Murray, Author

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Winter Guard?

A: You get the chance to bond with people and become friends with upperclassmen.

Q: How has Winter Guard changed your life?

A: It’s made me stronger and it gave me the opportunity to something that’s not easy.

Q: How do you balance practices and competitions with school work?

A: I do my homework before I go to practice or competitions, so that when I get home I can just go to bed.

Q: How was your first year of Winter Guard?

A: It was very difficult because I had to learn everything and it didn’t come easy to me.

Q: How do you face the difficulties of learning a new toss or routine?

A: I ask for help and clarification so that I can understand it better.

Q: What are competitions like?

A: They’re really scary at first because you don’t know how many people are going to be there, but they’re really fun at the same time.

Q: What time do you end up going to bed on a night when you have a practice and schoolwork?

A: I normally go to bed around 10:30 [p.m.] when I have practice and homework.

Q: How often do you practice?

A: We practice every Monday and Thursday from 5:00 to 9:00 [p.m.], and on Saturdays from 12:00 to 9:00 [p.m.].

Q: What do you want your future in Winter Guard to be like?

A: I want to be able to join the weapon line and to teach new people things I learned and struggled with when I was a freshman.

Q: Do you feel like Winter Guard is treated the same as the other sports?

A: We’re treated the same, but I feel like we practice way more than the other sports. I think we should practice less.