Before the Big Test


SAT prep books are a good way to practice for the test. Many juniors have signed up to take the SAT in the spring.

Lauren Wisniewski

With the school year coming close to a close, standardized testing season is in full swing, especially for juniors. With the SAT and ACT coming up, many students worry about their scores and the impacts tests have on their futures. With an SAT test date recently passing on March 11, the in-school date on Apr. 5 and the ACT on Apr. 8, the amount of time to prepare is dwindling down. Here are some good ways to prepare for standardized tests and gain more confidence in testing subject.

  1. Creating a Shmoop account and using their online resources to study and take practice tests.
  2. Using Khan Academy to answer a few practice questions each day.
  3. Buying an ACT or SAT practice book or borrowing one from the library.
  4. Asking teachers or experienced students for tutoring and study tips.
  5. Studying materials from Mathematics, English and Science classes
  6. Focusing in class, especially mathematics, English, and Science, for they are general subject areas on the tests.
  7. Taking SAT or ACT preparatory classes through the school or another organization such as the Indiana Online Academy