Going LaLa over Lolla tickets


A student shows her Lollapalooza setup. The festival runs from Aug. 3 to Aug. 6 in Grant Park.

Nicole Milaszewski, Author

As PtE rolled by on March 21, students had a reason to stare at their phones instead of to just pass the time. At 10 a.m., Lollapalooza 4-day passes, a summer musical festival in Chicago, went on sale to the general public.

“Lollapalooza is on Aug. 3  through 6 this year and [is] the perfect way to close out the summer,” Ana Zanza (12) said.

Emotions run high as the seconds count down to 10 a.m. and standby screens flash up onto the page.

“I was very nervous and anxious because I’ve heard that people wait for a super long time and still don’t get any. I was beyond excited when I got them. I’ve been wanting to go since middle school, so it was super exciting finally getting them,” Meghan Teumer (12) said.

Access to several devices can increase chances for getting tickets. Some students made special accommodations to make it happen.

“I was super nervous about relying on LC’s wifi to get my ticket because last year I was really close to not getting a ticket at all. So I went home and had my computer, laptop, and phone ready. I was on the standby page for about 15 minutes before my phone was the first to let me through to purchase one. I was so nervous,” Kelly Orze (12) said.

Buyers of 4-day passes take a certain risk when making their purchase: they don’t know the lineup until the day after they bought them.

“I know I bought a ticket without knowing the lineup because I know no matter what I’ll have an amazing time and there’s no such thing as a “bad lineup.” Lollapalooza is just a fun experience in itself,” Orze said.

While it seems like every student on Twitter bought 4-day passes, some students chose to only go to one.

“I only bought a ticket for Thursday. I wish I could’ve purchased 4-day passes, but it cost way too much money,” Maja Vidovic (12).

However, some students can justify the high price.

“I think that 4-day passes are expensive, but worth the cost. One day is $120 so four days should cost $480, but the 4-day pass comes out to $360, so you’re getting more for your money since one day is basically free,” Zanza said.