Planning the Future


Principal’s Advisory Team members smile at the suggestion of a field day on the last day of school. This was a topic that sparked much excitement and discussion during the meeting.

Joshua Chen, Scout Editor-in-Chief

On March 16, the Principal’s Advisory Team met in the Main Office Conference Room at Lake Central High School for the monthly meeting. Students, teachers and parents discussed various issues pertaining to the school with Mr. Sean Begley, Head Principal.

“[Principal’s Advisory Team] discussed the bell schedule, LCTV and Publications, finals schedule and new clubs and sports teams,” Katarina Nikolovski (9) said.

One highlight topic discussed was the potential introduction of a ski club at Lake Central. This suggestion was proposed by Mr. Begley.

“The idea came from my love of skiing. It was something I grew up [with] in upstate New York, but I was up at Bittersweet [Mountain], and I saw a lot of [Lake Central] kids there. Having the ski club is something that I think a lot of students would enjoy,” Mr. Begley said.

The formation of such a club would entail a group of students travelling to a ski mountain on a bus on a Saturday. Students would be able to ski and socialize for a whole day. However, organizing a ski club could also pose some challenges.

“There’s a lot of work that needs to go into putting something like that together. You have to organize transportation, bus drivers, waivers, permission slips and all the things you have to do to [do] something like that,” Mr. Begley said.

In addition, the group considered ways to broadcast Lake Central Television and the daily announcements more efficiently. Students and teachers expressed their thoughts and own problems with this matter, which gave Mr. Begley a picture of areas needing improvement.

“I don’t see the announcements being played in classes. The message that I get is that we have to do a better job of managing time, so that’s the thing that I can take back and work with my administrative team on. The important thing is implement[ing] something at the principal level but then checking to see how it’s being implemented at the student and teacher level,” Mr. Begley said.