Q&A: Kelani Benson (11)


Kelani Benson (11) runs around the football field to warm up. The track team had done a lot of practicing in order to prepare for the upcoming meets.

Anni Rajput, Author

Q: What records have you broken the last two track meets?

A: The last two meets, me and the rest of my 4×200 [meter relay group] broke the school record both weeks.

Q: What was it like for you and your brother to both beat a record?

A: My brother broke a couple records from the years past, so it was nothing new to him. For me, it was cool since this is my first record being broken at this school. Finding out that I had broken a record made my day.

Q: What have you done to prepare for this season?

A: [We’ve done] a lot of summer workouts at the beach. From Sept. to Feb., the beginning of the season, we worked on our speed and endurance and have been lifting.

Q: How is your team and yourself individually coping with different coaches this year?

A: As a team we are still adjusting, but we are starting to get used to all new workouts. Individually, some other girls and I have been here longer than others, so we are a little more adjusted than the newer girls. Overall, I think it has been a good change because I can already see our team improving and that is a really cool to see.  

Q: What are some ways your team has bonded throughout this season so far?

A: We’ve been with each other for hours after school, which has helped us bond in a way. One of our coaches had the girls bond as a team by doing a scavenger hunt around the school to help us work together. It was a lot of running, but it worked.

Q:What are some goals you and the team have set for this season?

A: We want to continue to keep our streaks for being Sectional and Regional champions. I know some of us are trying to place in state

Q: How will you stay motivated to achieve these goals?

A: Track and Field is a mental sport. Sometimes you can psych yourself out. As a team we hype each other up during the meet and the practices. All of my older siblings ran track and so did my dad in high school, so I guess I am following in their footsteps. On the girls team, Katie Rusiniak (11), Zhane Hubbard (11), and Albrianna Gibbs (11) have really kept me motivated. We’ve built a chemistry as the weeks have gone on of us running the 4×200 [meter relay] together. The other girls have also pushed me to do better.