Review on “Divide”


Ed Sheeran’s new album is called “Divide”. The album came out on March 3.

Bailey Lewis, Author

After being on hiatus for a year, Ed Sheeran released his third studio album “Divide” on March 3. So far, Sheeran’s  albums have had a math theme: his first album was “Plus” (2011) and was followed by “Multiply” (2014).


The singer/songwriter stayed with his normal theme of music for some songs, but for others, he strayed to a new sound. His inspiration leaked into some songs such as “Nancy Mulligan” and “Galway Girl” which have an Irish folk song to him. Sheeran has already told that he went to Ireland, but other songs such as “Bibia Be Ye Ye” puts an African twist on his normal sound.


In this album, Sheeran also shares stories of his life. “Supermarket Flowers” is about his mom, and “Nancy Mulligan” is about two people who are assumed to be his grandparents.  


Like the last two albums, Sheeran carries his soulful, heart-wrenching sound in Divide.” Sheeran’s new sound has drawn listeners in and has his album standing on the Billboard Hot 100 for the second week in a row and at number one for one week.