Q&A: Rachel Eder (11)


Rachel Eder(11) fills up her schedule with 5 AP classes, 14 clubs and golf and art lessons outside of school. She had to organize her time and create schedules to fit in all of her extracurriculars on top of her day-to-day classes.

Viraj Patel

Q: How many AP or Honors classes are you taking this year?

A: I am taking five AP classes and two Honors classes this year. I am taking AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP English 11, AP 2D art, AP Art History, PreCalculus Honors and Spanish III Honors.

Q: How many clubs are you in?

A: I am in 14 clubs.

Q: What are your extracurricular activities?

A: I am in WISE, NHS, Dollars for Scholars, Interact club, History club, N-Teens, Art Club, Rune Staff, Academic Letterwinners, Mentorship Program, Junior Class Cabinet, BPA, Academic Super Bowl, Science Olympiad [and] the Cross Country team.

Q: What do you do out of school?

A: I do golf lessons and art classes.

Q: Do you ever regret being in so many activities?

A: Yeah, of course I sometimes regret those decisions, but in the end I always glad I fill my life and my schedule with so many things.

Q: How stressful is your life?

A: Generally, my life is very stressed. I have to manage all the things I have to do and the things I want to do, as well.

Q: Do you believe you manage your time well?

A: I believe that I manage my time well. I always get my assignments done on time and make sure that I am prepared. I make sure that I plan enough time into my schedule in order to accommodate for all of my assignments.

Q: How do you manage your time?

A: I create schedules in order to stay on track and get everything done. On really busy weeks, I’ll make a schedule that says what I’m going to do minute by minute for a set amount of time.  I make sure that I write down everything in my agenda, so I don’t forget any assignments or important dates.

Q: If you could, what advice would you give to others on how to manage their time

A: I would advise others to use an agenda in order to plan out all of their assignments and test dates in order to stay organized. Also, they need to learn how to prioritize and get the assignments that are the most important and time consuming done first. I would advise them to limit distractions and not get sidetracked doing other activities or going on their phones for too long. In order to properly manage time, people need to create schedules and actually follow them.

Q: How happy are you with all of your extracurriculars and schedule?

A: Actually, I am quite [happy]. [Sometimes] I get overrun with all of the things I have to do, but doing everything fills my life and schedule. I get a sense of satisfaction when I fill a schedule and fill up my time.