Driving new freedoms


Katherine Karl (10) drives around town in her car. Karl got her license on March 7.

Molly Fischer, Author

Katherine Karl (10) passed her driver’s test on Tuesday, March 7, and received her license. Her life has drastically changed for the better since then.

“I feel much more like an adult and much more independent. I can do a lot more with my days now. I used to just stay home on school days but now I can go out,” Karl said.

With these new-found freedoms comes some new responsibilities.

“My parents expect me to pick up my siblings from school and drive them wherever they need to be. I don’t mind it because I enjoy driving and I’m helping my parents out, so it’s not too bad,” Karl said.

Karl has gotten a job now that she can drive herself around and doesn’t need to rely on anyone else to get her places.

“I don’t have to worry about my parent’s schedule interrupting with my schedule, and I can work more easily now. I applied at Smoothie King the day I got my license, and I’m now working there,” Karl said.

Overall, Karl is happy about this improvement on her life and is overjoyed with all the freedoms she now has.

“There’s no limitations when I can go out with friends or how many people I can pick up. I can barely remember what it was like to not have my license. I love having it,” Karl said.