The kneed to get back on the field


Santana holds the letter from her doctor confirming that she can play softball. The doctor recommended that she take it easy and slowly improve her agility.

Kristen Mirabelli

Sarah Santana (11) injured her anterior cruciate ligament while playing softball. She received news from the doctor that she had to take time off the field  to recover.

“Before I had surgery, I made huge progress in my performance on the field and I was determined to keep on improving. My coaches and teammates played a major role in my motivation,” Santana said.

The doctors told Santana that surgery was her only option and it was essential for her knee. She was frustrated that she would not be able to play for Lake Central softball. Her coaches and teammates encouraged her to get the surgery and to recover. They brought her gifts and gave her moral support. She was encouraged to not only get back on the field for herself, but for her team.

“After surgery, I underwent three months of physical therapy. I now currently work with an athletic trainer to increase and restore my strength and movement,” Santana said.

The doctors sent her a letter in the mail and gave their approval for her to play softball again. She was ecstatic to get back to the field with her teammates. She saw this opportunity as a window of how hard you have to work for something you want. She is considering playing softball in the future and still keep in contact with her teammates because they are like family to her.

“My goal is to at least finish out my high school career on a high note. I am still considering playing college softball, but I will always have my teammates who will encourage me in anything I pursue,” Santana (11) said.