Rushing to the Race


Andrew Ackerman (12) and Issac Beatty (10) lead the pack of runners. Beatty competed in the long jump as well as the mile.

Ashley Robinson, Author

The varsity boys track team ran against three other high schools Thursday, March 23. This specific meet was not one that the boys were very nervous for.

“Tonight I competed in the mile and the long jump. For the first time competing in the long jump in two years, I did really well. I think I got second in the mile. Tonight I felt really confident knowing that there weren’t any of the top teams around,” Issac Beatty (10) said.

This was the last meet before the boys take on State at Indiana University Bloomington. Excitement and confidence are two of the main emotions running with the boys.

“This is my first year of high school track, so I’m excited but also really nervous at the same time. I have good support from my teammates, so I think that I’ll do really well with their energy, just like at every other meet. We’re fourth in the state so we’re super confident in what we can do,” Deshaun Fort (10) said.

For some seniors, this weekend at State will be their last, making it very sentimental.

“This is my last indoor track meet because I’m a senior, so I want to go out with a bang. I feel pretty confident that we can get the job done, especially in our 4×4 and the 4×2,” Joshua Benson (12) said.

Be sure to come out and support the boys at State on Saturday, March 25, at Indiana University Bloomington.