Perfection by Graziano leads to an Indians W


Christopher Fundich (12) stands in the batter’s box and waits for the pitch. Fundich played first base for the first time on varsity.

Jack Theil

March 28 marked the first game for the boys baseball team against Bishop Noll and the first start for Joseph Graziano (12). Little did Graziano know it was going to be a game to remember.

“I really liked how our team played, but we’re still not at the point where we should be on all levels on the field, but it’s only the first game so we have some time to improve on that,” Coach Michael Swartzentruber  said.

As the game began, Graziano started where he left off last year, as he struck out the side to start the game. The Indians’ offense came alive in the first inning as Benjamin Nisle (12) drove in a run and scored making it a 2-0 game in the first inning.

The second inning was a quiet one as neither Bishop Noll or the Indians scored at all, but the third inning was huge for the Indians. They hit for three runs and make it a 5-0 game.

“When I got here in the summer, I knew that we had a very high skill level team. They have very high baseball IQ and these kids sometimes need to be a little tougher and more aggressive. These kids know that they are highly ranked, which means there’s an ‘x’ on their back. Having their mindset just on the game is what we’re really focusing on,” Coach Swartzentruber said.

The rest of the game was all defense because neither team scored; although, Graziano’s perfect game was saved by key defensive plays.

“To make those big plays, I had to just clear my head and have fun out there because if I didn’t I would of been too worried about making the play,” Christopher Fundich (12) said.

Entering the top of the seventh, all eyes were on Graziano when he was three outs away from perfection. Graziano got the first two batters out and then the last batter hit it to Fundich who tossed the ball to Graziano at first base to end the game.