Anatomy Class Conducts Heart Identification Lab


Gillian Suroviak (11) points to the different parts of the heart. Identifying the different sections was one of the objectives presented to them.

Charles DeVries, Author

Ms. Stephanie Parks’, Science, anatomy classes performed a lab based around identifying different parts of the heart. The lab was conducted on Thursday, March 23.    

“Their objectives are to find structures that we went over in class and locate them on the model of the heart and to trace the path of blood through the heart. They need to diagram and label the structures on the whiteboards,” Parks said.

Students recognize the importance of these labs and how the material of the labs may impact some of their futures, due to the line of work they plan to be employed in.

“It is very important to identify all this stuff because it helps teach you to memorize and visually see [the different components of the heart]. It is very vital for me to know this information because I do want to be a doctor one day, so I must pay attention to my work, and at least participate in these labs,” Ashley Kralik (12).

Students pursuing a career in a science or the medical field will benefit from the knowledge and skills they acquire in this class.