Q&A: Ms. Sumera Shakir, Mathematics


Ms. Sumera Shakir, Mathematics, loves her new job as a math teacher. She has been a permitted teacher at Lake Central since the third quarter.

Jade Mehok, Design Editor

Q: Did you always want to be a math teacher?

A: No, not at all.

Q: What were you doing before you became a teacher?

A: I/T consultant for IBM.

Q: How did you become an LC math teacher?

A: I took a break from the consultant job to raise my children until they were a little bit older. Then I started subbing for Grimmer [Middle School] and Lake Central, and I really liked it, so I went back to school and got a teaching degree. When I would go into the school to sub I would always talk to the crossing guard, who turned out to be the head director of the math unit for the Lake Central Corporation, and he offered me the job.

Q: Are you happy with your choice as a teacher? Is it everything you thought it was going to be?

A: Absolutely. It’s a lot better than I thought it was going to be.

Q: Is it weird having your own child in class?

A: No, I enjoy it and I know I’ll miss it.

Q: What is your plan for the future? Are you going to continue to do this path?

A: I hope to.

Q: Do you ever find yourself not knowing how to do a problem in math?

A: Yes, I’ll sometimes have to ask the other teachers.

Q: Why did you want to teach high school kids?

A: I definitely wanted older kids, I didn’t want any grader younger than fifth grade.