Victory for the girls


Lauren Gronek (12) and Anna Wachowski (12) joke with each other while practicing before the meet began. Gronek and Wachowski had a successful turnout for the match.

Faith Huenecke, Author

On Tuesday, April 11, the girls tennis team won against Lowell on the Indian’s home court. The girls worked on many helpful skills this match.

“I think the match went really well. We were all consistent in our shots, and we were focused on positioning the ball rather than power. [Our] placement and consistency played a big role in us being successful at winning the match against Lowell,” Amanda Guerrero (11) said.

Going into the season, the team has a few goals that it would like to accomplish for the year.

“The team’s goals for the season is to go undefeated, beat Crown Point, and win Sectionals,” Colette Oboy (11) said.

Because the team was able to defeat Lowell, the coach happily congratulated the Indians on adding a successful win towards the goal.

“Our coach was very pleased and excited about how the match went,” Oboy said.

Not only was the coach happy, but the girls also were able to push themselves harder than their last match.

“I think we did very well as a team considering it was a step up from our other match,” Holly Pasko (11) said.

Based on statistics from previous years, the girls are able to add another win against Lowell.

“We usually do really well against Lowell. We usually win,” Guerrero said.