Varsity Softball Vanquishes the Vikings


Alexandra Hickey (12) rounds third base. When fielding, she played in the infield.

Madison Mullens, Author

On Wednesday, April 12, the varsity girls softball team played against the the Valparaiso Vikings. The Lady Indians pulled out a 6-0 win. Scoring in the first inning helped the girls secure a winning chance.

“We think whenever we score against the team early we give ourselves a pretty good chance to win the game,” Coach Jeffrey Sherman, Mathematics, said.

Coach Sherman believed that the team played very well, but some players stood out. Alexa Pinarski (11), pitcher and first baseman, played very well, according to the coaches.

“I think I did pretty well. At the end [of the game] I had some pretty nice change ups that I was really happy with. My rise and drop were really working,” Pinarski said.

While hitting, the team played well. They made timely hits and scored a total of 6 points, but their defense was played even better, according to the coaches.

“We were outstanding defensively, made all the plays that we needed to make. I’m overall very pleased with the game,” Coach Sherman said.