Senior Banquet Awards


Benjamin Nisle (12) accepts his award of “Most Crushed On” during Senior Banquet on April 21. A total of 34 awards were handed out. Photo Credit: Justin Andrews

Jessica Wojton, Author

This past Friday on April 21, the Class of 2017 gathered at Villa Cesare to celebrate the last six weeks of their high school career. During the banquet, superlative awards were given out that were voted on by peers plus two awards based off of the costumes the students chose to dress up as. Listed below are the winners from the night.

Best Individual Costume:

“Pasta Wednesday”


Best Group Costume:

“The Pink Ladies and T-Birds”


Worst Driver:

Girls: Christina Gomez

Boys: Dennis Collier


Best Smile:

Girls: Alexa Szatkowski

Boys: Nick Lucas


Best Eyebrows:

Girls: Emily Agresta

Boys: Quinn Kaurich


Most Likely to Get Married:

Girls: Olivia Born

Boys: Jack Bosold


Most Likely to Teach at LC:

Girls: Kylie Extin

Boys: Stefan Krajisnik


Class Clown:

Girls: Natalye Johnston

Boys: Justin Ali


Biggest Clutz:

Girls: Tori Wilkes

Boys: Christopher Fundich


Most Creative:

Girls: Emily Erickson

Boys: Joshua Dulski


Best Hair:

Girls: Katlyn Arndt

Boys: Matthew Litwicki


Best Laugh:

Girls: Candace Jarzombek

Boys: Ryan Guilfoyle


Most Likely to be Late to Graduation:

Girls: Monet Payne

Boys: Maxwell Pattison


Most Likely to be Successful:

Girls: Hannah Sarkey

Boys: Justin MacNeil


Biggest LC Superfan:

Girls: Olivia Born

Boys: Tyler Winiecki



Girls: Dara Kovacevic

Boys: Bradley Loden


Best Beard:

Boys: Dakota Barnett


Best Glo Up:

Girls: Ellie Chandos

Boys: Kyle Freel


Best Dancer:

Girls: Alyssa Carter

Boys: Joshua Benson


Biggest Procrastinator:

Girls: Ana Zanza

Boys: Austin Sandoval


Most Likely to Cheer You Up:

Girls: Inna Ramos

Boys: Michael Taylor


Life of the Party:

Girls: Jennifer Wright

Boys: Brian Travis


Best Personality:

Girls: Olivia Oster

Boys: Michael Taylor


Most Crushed On:

Girls: Bianca Alessia

Boys: Benjamin Nisle


Most Likely to Become Famous:

Girls: Hannah Souronis

Boys: Caleb Beasley


Best Dressed:

Girls: Hope Martens

Boys: Michael Zubeck


Most Stressed:

Girls: Payal Bhatt

Boys: Mohammed Hijaz


Most Intelligent:

Girls: Hannah Sarkey

Boys: Joseph Grzybek


Two in a Million:

Girls: Emily Lisac

Boys: Zach Hansen


Teachers Pet:

Girls: Nicole Milaszewski

Boys: Spero Vrehas


Most Likely to Become President:

Girls: Ruth Chen

Boys: Jacob Zak


Best Eyes:

Girls: Devon Kelley

Boys: Peyton Lessentine


Biggest Airhead:

Girls: Emily Scott/Haley Harvey

Boys: Austin Atkins


Most Extra

Girls: Emily Scott/Haley Harvey

Boys: Jordan Bibbs