Q&A: Samantha Schaffer (10)


Samantha Schaffer (10) poses outside of the dance trophy case. Schaffer won one of these while she was still a part of the team.

Jocelyn Vanek, Author

Q: What made you want to dance for Lake Central?

A: Starting the dance team in 7th grade. I always looked up to the older girls and wanted to be like them.

Q: Why and when did you stop?

A: I stopped beginning of sophomore year to focus on school more.

Q: Do you miss any part of the program and dancing?

A: Yes, I miss the actual dancing part because it’s what I love to do.

Q: What was the hardest part about leaving the sport?

A: Knowing I wouldn’t be at the studio every day anymore with some of my closest friends was the hardest [part].

Q: Do you think you will ever try a different sport?

A: No, if anything I’ll dance somewhere in the summer.

Q: Do you have a lot more free time now that you’re not involved with dance?  If so, how do you spend it?

A: Yes, [I have] so much free time. I get my homework done way earlier and have time to spend more time with my family and friends on Friday and the weekends.

Q: Do you think dancing took a toll on your grades?

A: Yes it did. It’s hard to get used to at first and have time management which was why I had to stop.

Q: Now that you’re not dancing anymore, have your grades improved?

A: Yes, they’ve improved so much because [I am] able to go to tutoring after school and get extra help when I need.

Q: If you had the chance would you go back?

A: Yes, I would for sure, probably not competitively but I would dance again for free time and take classes.