Running with the wind


Kelani Benson (11) and Taylor Dykstra (9) run the 100 meter sprint. The girls had several freshmen running in the varsity level this year.

Melicah Rodriguez, Author

As clouds rolled in on the windy afternoon of Tuesday, April 18, the varsity and JV girls track teams prepared themselves for the meet against Michigan City.

“I feel confident about today’s meet. We just have to work hard, get better as it goes, try our best and give it our all,” Albriana Gibbs (11) said.

Despite being only on the second meet of the season, the girls already have goals for the rest of the year.

“I’m looking forward to seeing where my talent lies. I run a lot of events. Just seeing which one I would go to State for is what I look forward to,” Destiny Washington (11) said.

Going to state is a recurring goal for most of the girls on the team. Seeing where the season gets them is what keeps them pushing to strive for their best.

“Getting to State, that’s where we’re aiming for. Basically, we need to come together as a team and get better for next year,” Gibbs said.

In order for the girls to come together, they must exercise not only their muscles, but their relationships between each other as well.

“[The relationship between the girls] is pretty good, but it just depends on the day. Most of the time, we’re really tight-knit, but sometimes one thing happens and it makes everyone a little mad,” Anna Olivero (9) said.