Seniors gather for a picture during a tailgate prior to the opening football game against Munster. The football team went on to defeat the Mustangs with a final score of 35-7. Photo credit: Alexis Miestowski (11)

Stefan Krajisnik, Author

Every member of the Lake Central class of 2017 that has been here since freshman year remembers the “good ole days.” The strong smell of chlorine in C-hall, the muddy football games and the thrill of making it through the E-hall crowd alive.

As a high school freshman, most things end up feeling a little traumatizing, and to be honest the old LC building did not make life any easier. However, there was something special about it. The student murals hanging in the halls, the blue tiles spelling out LC in the middle of a white-tiled hall and the posters and pictures that gave each classroom character.

Then the calendar turned to 2014 and with the new year came the new school. LC went from the crowded hallways to a hallway which is as wide as a four-lane highway, and students could now stand by senior wall on the third floor without causing a huge traffic jam.

The new school took some getting used to, especially for the class of 2017 because we had just finally gotten used to the old building. It would not be an easy task, but it was time to take the character of the old school and make the new one even better.

Overtime we got more and more comfortable with the new facilities and really made it our own. This past school year I feel has really been the best, and we are closer and closer to being that character-filled school we were. The student sections were packed this year– whether it be at LC, Lowell or East Chicago.

The years passed and the class of 2017 continued to say “oh, I can’t wait to do this again next year,” but in the blink of an eye that turned into “I can’t believe this is my last time doing this.” The last first day of school. The last high school student section. The last winter formal. Everything was enjoyed with such detail and every second that was left of the high school experience was soaked in.

As someone who loves Lake Central as much as any student to ever walk into the school, it is tough for me to say this. It is time. Time to stop being sad that the experience is over and to celebrate that it happened. Senior year was full of “lasts,” but now it is time to rejoice over the “firsts.” First time moving out. First time attending a university. First time to make your own memories without your parents looking over you.

Lake Central is filled with so many different types of students with so many stories to tell. Every student offers something new that could change your life forever, so take the time to listen.

Each student is something different, but together we are LC.