Vegan Varieties


The lunch line in the cafeteria offers a salad bar. The school has not offered many other vegan lunch options thus far.

Nadja Kostadinovic

Veganism is on the rise, especially among young people. With this dietary lifestyle rapidly spreading, sources of food must adapt to meet the needs of this new demographic.

Since the change to veganism is growingly present in adolescents, this demographic should have access to vegan food in at school. In order to accommodate to the needs of vegan students, Lake Central should provide more vegan options within school lunches.

Some students cannot pack their own lunches and rely on the convenience of purchasing lunch at school. Therefore, vegan students should have vegan meal options to choose from at school. The school cafeteria does have a salad bar, but the purchasing of these salads is based off the premise that the staple of a student’s meal will still be added to the salad. There are no vegan protein options, and many dressings offered are not vegan either.

Providing vegan options would benefit an even wider audience in Lake Central. Some other students who would benefit from the addition of vegan food options are students who are lactose intolerant or students who are vegetarians.