Five Innings of Focus


Benjamin Nisle (12) and Nicholas Bandura (12) share some pre-game excitement. The team went on to defeat Merrillville 13-0 in the fifth inning.

Karisa Candreva, Author

On Wednesday, April 26, the varsity boys baseball team defeated the Merrillville Pirates 13-0 with an early end in the fifth inning.

“I think we maintained focus throughout the game. Putting up a lot of runs, getting over quick and getting out of here in five, I think we did a good job supporting our pitchers, getting the stress out of them. We did a good job today,” Bradley Loden (12) said.

The team ended both the second and fourth innings with a score of 6-0 and ended the third inning 1-0.

“These games are good because everybody gets a chance to play. We play a pretty tough schedule, so it’s nice to have a couple in there where you have a little opportunity to play some guys and relax a little bit, take a deep breath,” Head Coach Mike Swartzentruber, Business, said.

Matthew Litwicki (12) pitched the first three innings with Kyle Freel (12) and Jason Lamont (12) each pitching an inning after.

“My favorite play of the game was ending the game actually with Martin Ewing (11) in right field. He plays pitcher, so it’s nice to see him out there in right field, good to end the game off with a close,” Loden said.

Although the team won their last two games against Merrillville, 12-1 and 13-0 respectively, their last games against Penn, Crown Point, and Chesterton ended with one win and one lose for each set of games.

“We need to really work on our focus and getting the mentality that we need to pick up both wins and not be OK with winning one and losing one. I really want to focus on being the dominant team,” Loden said.

The team is looking forward toward winning the DAC and Sectionals.

“I think this is one you can put down as a huge team effort. Everybody who played contributed, so I can’t really think of anybody who stood out. They all played well tonight,” Mr. Swartzentruber said.