Getting bloody for a good cause


Alex Vrbanoff (11) talks to the nurse about the process and what she was doing. Vrbanoff later gets his blood pressure taken and donated blood.

Cherylynn Gholson

Lake Central hosted their annual blood drive with the American Red Cross on Friday, April 21. Eighty five students generously donated their blood for a great cause. On average, the American Red Cross makes up 40% of the nation’s blood supply and supply blood to patients at roughly 2,600 hospitals in the U.S.

“The donated blood for people who need surgeries and operations or for emergencies like car accidents, heart surgeries, lung transplants and more could wipe out the supply of one blood drive. Donating blood is important because without it, the people who need it can’t be saved,” Roger Voshall, American Red Cross blood drive team supervisor, said.

Because of the benefits, students participate in donating blood. Many people love to be a help to the world and the people who need it.

“It’s always nice to help out and give blood to the people in need. It always feels good to do something for someone else. So for me, the blood drive is a great way to do that.” Anthony Rea (12), said.