Q&A: Ian Lukowski (10)


Ian Lukowski (10) pitches the ball in a game against Merrillville. The Indians JV team won this game 24-5.

Jacob Ranola

Q: What kind of work have you put in the offseason to make sure you made the team?

A: I worked hard and was in the weightroom almost everyday.

Q: How is this year’s team chemistry compared to last year?

A: Definitely better. We’re a good, cocky team which brings us together and helps us win ball games.

Q: How do you think your team will perform this season?

A: I think we’ll go undefeated. With the talent we have, we should win conference too.

Q: How long has your team been working out during the offseason?

A: We’ve been practicing since the summer months, working hard and weightlifting everyday.  We only had about one week off throughout the whole season.

Q: What does the talent of the JV Baseball team compare to?

A: Our class (Class of 2019) is very good.  Our coaches and other teams’ coaches think we have what it takes to win conference this year, and the years to come because of our high talent level.

Q: With the confidence of your team doing well, does this thought make your team perform better overall?

A: Yes, once again, we are very confident and cocky, which makes us a good team.

Q: What do you think about your coach Mr. Brian McNamara, Social Studies, this year?

A: He’s good. We had him last year for freshman team too, so we are used to him and he’s used to us which makes it easier for us to perform. He is very down to earth and helps us out with everything he can.

Q: Do you embrace your role as the starting catcher?

A: Yes. I worked hard for it, which makes me think I can deserve it, which I most certainly do.

Q: Do you think you’ll play on varsity next year?

A: No. I think as long as I start catching for JV I’ll get quality playing time in.

Q: Do you think the two juniors on JV will take their role as leaders of the team?

A: Absolutely. They already have been showing their capabilities of leadership, which, in turn, helps the team perform better overall.

Q: Do you get excited when your team is ready to take the field?

A: Yes of course. Nothing gets me more excited than a good old game of baseball.