Finish line early in the week

Lauren Wisniewski

School is coming to a close, which means finals are coming up. With the current schedule, the last day of school is Tuesday, May 30, with sixth hour being the only final that day. Students have divided opinions on the one day week and coming back for one test. Some believe that a day off during the year should have been removed to prevent the one day week.

“I think it’s an annoyance [to finish school on a Tuesday] because no one wants to go on a break for three days and come back for one day when there is only one final,” Madison O’Drobinak (11) said.

On the other hand, the schedule gives students more time to study for sixth hour finals and prevents cramming all finals into a shorter span. That Tuesday is necessary due to the snow days taken in December, so many students believe that the one day week was unavoidable.

“I don’t like the fact that we finish the school year off during a one-day week, but on the bright side, I do like the fact that I’ll have more time to study for my last final,” Allison Centanni (9) said.

Another benefit of the ambiguous Tuesday it the ability to take the senior class picture during the school day. Seniors will also be able to travel back to their elementary and encourage the young students to pursue a higher education.

“I loved the idea as soon as I heard it. Having a chance to go back to the teachers that provided us the foundation of learning is amazing. It provides the teachers with a feeling of success, the children a feeling of hope, and us a feeling of achievement,” Sara Ramos (12) said.