Miley’s Comeback


Miley Cyrus sits in the grass along the beach smiling. Cyrus released her single on May 11.

Brittney Howell, Author

After a few years silence from pop singer Miley Cyrus, she kicked off the beginning of summer with a new hit single, “Malibu.” The song itself has reached much success and is working it’s way up the charts of various radio companies.

The song reveals a pop-sounding, free-spirited level of sound. The harmony most closely relates to Cyrus’s soundtrack from 2009, “Hannah Montana: The Movie.” Its easy-going and happy tone makes every listener experience the feeling of a warm summer day within three minutes and 52 seconds.

The new tune was written about Cyrus’s fiance, actor Liam Hemsworth. The two carried a relationship in the past, but broke up abruptly in 2014. She wrote this song in Hemsworth’s Malibu estate a few months after the two reconnected in 2016 and became engaged.

With is positive burst of energy released to the audiences, “Malibu” is guaranteed to make anyone caught up in the cold mist of winter and rainy days shine through into a beacon of happiness, along with the occasional head bop or tap of the foot.