Q&A: Isaiah Hoy (10)


Isaiah Hoy (10) poses for the camera. Hoy wanted to show the popular denim-on-denim trend.

Brianna Sarkisian, Author

Q: What made you start to wear makeup?
A: I started to wear makeup because I was always to scared to do it and be myself; I was scared of people’s opinions. As I got older I realized that not everyone is going to accept it, but in order to be happy and be yourself you have to do what makes you happy.

Q: What inspires you to wear makeup and fashion?
A: Wearing makeup and girl clothing is really inspiring to me because I realized makeup [and clothing] has no gender. I feel like the more I wear makeup and girl clothing it’ll inspire others.

Q: Do you have any celebrities that inspire your makeup and/or fashion?
A: Jeffree Star and James Charles inspire me.

Q: What’s your favorite fashion trend?
A: I love ripped jeans.

Q: What are your favorite clothing stores or brands?
A: [My favorite stores are] Forever 21 and Pacsun.