Farewell to the Season


Maxwell Born (10) stares at pitcher Matthew Fundich (10) to make sure he throws the proper pitch. Born payed attention to Fundich’s signals to throw out the runners who were trying to steal bases.

Jocelyn Vanek

The JV baseball team has had a strong season. With only one game left of their season, their current record is 20 wins, 2 loses and one tie. The bond between the teammates and the relationship they all have with their coach played a large role with their team chemistry this year.

“The bond between all of us is great. We are all close with each other and no one is left out. All of us love to mess with coach and to have fun,” Jake Dykstra (10).

Some teams get lucky with many talented players and have an easy time winning against other teams, but besides having talented players, it is important to have a good coach.

“I love coach Mac [Brian McNamara, Social Studies]. He is a fantastic coach who likes to joke around, but when it’s game time, he loves to play hard and win which is exactly what you want in a coach,” Dominic Ranola (10) said.

Having such a good record this year allowed the boys to enjoy themselves more and have more fun than they normally would.

“The easiest game of the year was probably against Hobart. We won like 25-0 that game. It was a lot of fun with us all hitting the ball and having people play different positions,” Matthew Fundich (10) said.

Although they do have a very good winning record, it takes time, practice and effort to achieve the results they hope for. Winning is not just handed to them and they sometimes face very difficult games.

“My favorite part of the season was playing Crown Point when we were tied with them until the 12th inning and we didn’t stop fighting even though we never finished the game.  [It was] the hardest game of the year, [but] it was also the most fun game all season,” Jake Dykstra (10) said.